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Our Finger Puppet Range


In our own humble opinion, these are just sooooo cute. Perhaps this is why they are our hottest seller.

Aren't they adorable!



From left to right :

Ladybug, Cow, Hedgehog, Dog, Pig, Monkey. Giraffe, Crocodile, Gorilla and Parrot.  Others not shown : elephant, tiger, rabbit, sheep, cat.


There are currently 18 types in the range:


elephant           lion

tiger                 crocodile

giraffe             parrot

gorilla             monkey

dog                 mouse

cow                sheep

pig                 rabbit

hedgehog     ladybird


At just $6.00 each, demand for these occasionally means some lines are unavailable.


Washable polyester - suitable for child or adult to use.


A wonderful storytelling aid.


Click here for ordering information.




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