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Our Hand Puppet Range


"A huge range, and a steal at $19.95"

Few toys stir a child's imagination as effectively as puppets. Whether used by an adult as a story-telling aid, or used by children, young faces come alight at the excitement of their new ‘friend’.


As well as being great fun, the educational applications of puppets are well-known - our biggest customers are teachers. Puppets encourage and facilitate interaction. Classic children’s songs and stories gain a whole new vitality with puppets - try ‘Old McDonald’s Farm’ or ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’ with our character puppets and you will have your children entranced!


Actual size - 24-26cm, will fit adult or child’s hand.

Made of durable polyester and washable.

Easy to pack for travel by car.


A great gift idea that does NOT:


(a) require batteries,

(b) go whiz bang,

(c) make your child stare, zombie-like, at a small screen for hours on end!


Full range : mouse, tiger, fox, penguin, lamb, cow, horse, zebra, dog, cat, panda, lion, elephant, rabbit, duck, crocodile, chick, giraffe, rhino, hedgehog, frog, parrot, mouse, spider and Santa.


  Hedgehog H102 Santa H108


Fox H119 Crocodile H112


Rhino H120 Pig H123




Elephant H115 

Frog H104 

Rabbit H111




Cat H114

Horse H125 

Parrot H111

Chick H124



Lion H106

Penguin H113


Giraffe H117

Cow H122




Dog H103

Purple Dinosaur - sorry, no longer available

Tiger H121



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