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Ring Puzzle

A simple test of colour and number co-ordination with large (hard to lose) pieces.

Great value at $19.95



Fairytale Shape Sorter

A very special variation on the traditional shape sorter.

An equisitely designed wooden box comes full of your favourite fairytale characters.

Children can play with these separately and then use them to find the

appropriately shaped hole to insert them into the box.




- Goldilocks and The Three Bears

- Three Little Pigs

- Little Red Riding Hood

- Little Red Hen


A multi-functional toy that will provide both entertainment and learning - $65.00




Alphabet Animals




Without doubt the most beautiful wooden puzzle we have ever stocked!

This puzzle requires linking the letters of the alphabet together with each

letter represented by an animal beginning with that letter.


Can you name all the animals?  Most are obvious - some are not!

Displays magnificently on your child's shelf.  This is a true heirloom gift.





Please note:  All our wooden puzzles and toys are made to international

child safety standards.  Lead-free paint and pieces too big to swallow are standard.



If you are interested in purchasing any of these great toys,

please contact us for price and delivery details.




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